Slide Alojamientos en Salar

There are traditional rural houses in Salar, perfect for solo, romantic or family stays. Both Casa Rural Alice and the Casa Hispano Brasileña are located in the town centre, where children play and residents gather.
These whitewashed houses are decorated in the traditional local style, yet they have all the comfort of modern houses.
Come to this unique historic location to relax and experience the peace and good atmosphere of an authentic Andalusian town.

Casa Rural Alice

Adress: C. Victoria, 6, 18310 Salar, Granada

Phone number for bookings:

711004807 | 711004791

Casa Rural Hispano Brasileña

Adress: C. Enamorados, número1, Granada 18310 Salar, España 

Phone number for bookings:


Casa Entre Olivos

Adress: Calle El Lote s/n  

Phone number for bookings:


Casa Villa El Lote

Adress: Paraje El Lote, Camino del Bañuelo

Phone number for bookings:


Casa Rafael

Adress: 65 Avenida de Andalucia, 18310 Salar, España

Phone number for bookings:

635641046 | 667277020

Calle Real 18

Adress: Calle Real 18, 18310 Salar, España

Phone number for bookings:


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