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Guided tour of the Visitors' Centre and the Villa

A tour that will teach you all about our archaeological heritage. Unlock the secrets of the Roman Villa of Salar.

What’s in store?

This tour will take you back in time to the first century, the period our Roman villa dates from.

One of our experts will guide you on your tour of the Roman Villa, so that you can see our wonderful mosaics for yourself. We’ll explain the techniques used, and the challenges that the archaeologists from the University of Granada have faced. Through their tenacious work, they have improved our knowledge of the villa, a domestic architectural historical site located in a rural Hispanic area, one of the most important ones on the Iberian Peninsula.

We will then move on to the Visitors’ Centre, which is home to some of the artefacts found during the excavations. You’ll be given a talk on its historical background which will help you better understand everything you’ll see at the archaeological site.

The main focus will be on the three marble sculptures discovered during the excavations: the Venus Púdica Capitolina, the Nymph Púdica and the Nymph Venera.

Duration: 1.5 hrs. Tours at 9 am and 12 pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Language: Spanish

Price per person: €3 (Wednesday to Sunday).

What will you see?

  • The archaeological site, the Roman Villa of Salar
  • Roman Villa of Salar Visitors’ Centre


  • A guided tour
  • Entry to the Roman Villa

Not included:

  • Transport between the villa and the Visitors’ Centre

Meeting point:

The Villa of Salar

Semi-private tour: Granada to the Roman Villa of Salar

Duration: 5h

Language: Spanish

Start time: 11 am

Price, from 2 to 15 people: 69 €/pp.

A semi-private tour of the Roman Villa of Salar, with a guided tour of the Visitors’ Centre and the archaeological site.

What’s in store?

ust a 30-minute drive from the city of Granada, we’ll arrive in the Roman Villa of Salar, a significant villa for lovers of ancient history. It can be compared with Roman villas in Sicily.
This Roman villa is located in Salar, a town in the western area of the province of Granada.

Salar has been named a “Magical Spanish Town”. This small town, its charm and its people are a treat for the tourists who come to see its treasures for themselves. On this visit, you’ll discover a gem of Roman domestic architecture.

As the archaeologists take a deep dive into its secrets and the daily life of its former residents, it’s become clear that this is living history that’s still being written, in rooms adorned with incredibly elaborate mosaics.

What will you see?

The Roman Villa Visitors’ Centre, a walk around the town and the archaeological site.


Transport, guided visit to the villa and a guided group tour.

Meeting point

Plaza Mariana Pineda, next to the newspaper kiosk.

Please note

Please don’t be late. If late, you won’t be able to participate in the tour. If you have reduced mobility, please inform us in advance so we can ensure that the route and vehicle are fully suitable.

Private tour of the Roman Villa of Salar

Languages English, French and Spanish. For other languages, please ask.

Start times: 9 am and 12 pm

Price: €120 for 1 to 3 people; €170 for 3 to 10 people


A private tour of the Roman Villa of Salar in your preferred language, with a guide. What’s in store?
You’ll visit the two structures at the archaeological site which house the remains of the villa, and where the sculptures of Venus were found. Thanks to the beauty of our mosaics and all their details, this villa is comparable to those in Sicily, or the Villa de Casale.

We’ll then visit the Villa’s Visitors’ Centre. Step by step, a guide will explain the discoveries made and the 3D model of the villa. The goal of the visit is to understand why the Roman Villa of Salar is so remarkable in terms of the archaeology of Roman Hispania, and how it gives us a clearer idea of the lifestyle of the aristocracy at that time.

What will you see?

  • The archaeological site and the Roman Villa of Salar Visitor’s Centre


  • A guided visit, an official tourist guide and entry Meeting point
  • Roman Villa of Salar Visitors’ Centre Please note
  • This tour is not fully suitable for those with reduced mobility. If there are any visitors with special needs, please inform us in advance so that we can adapt the tour accordingly.

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